The official trailer for the critically acclaimed South African film, KROTOA, has been released.



Watch it here:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARuo-YsVFI4&feature=youtu.be


This remarkable drama tells the story of a feisty, bright, young eleven-year old girl (Charis Williams), who is removed from her close-knit Khoi tribe to serve Jan van Riebeeck (Armand Aucamp), her uncle’s trading partner. She is brought into the first Fort, established by the Dutch East India Company in 1652. There she grows into a visionary young woman, who assimilates the Dutch language and culture so well that she rises to become an influential interpreter for van Riebeeck, who became the first Governor of the Cape Colony. KROTOA (Crystal-Donna Roberts) ends up being rejected by her own Khoi people and destroyed by the Dutch, when she tries to find the middle way between the two cultures.


KROTOA has already won eight coveted awards, including an Award of Excellence at the International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination; a Best of Show at the Depth of Field International Film Festival; a Platinum Award at the International Movie Awards; a Diamond Award at the Filmmakers World Festival; a Best of Show at the IndieFEST Film Awards; an Award of Excellence Special Mention: Women Filmmakers at the Accolade Global Film Competition; a World Platinum Award at the World Woman Awards and an award for Best Film at the Harlem International Film Festival held in New York. The movie has also received six official selections at international film festivals around the globe and was also included in the prestigious Female Eye Festival, which focuses on female filmmakers and stories about women.


The film, written by Kaye Ann Williams and Margaret Goldsmid, was created by a dynamic team of women, with acclaimed filmmaker Roberta Durrant as director and producer. Roberta is the creator of various award-winning South African television series and sitcoms, as well as the children’s film, Felix, which won seventeen international film awards.


KROTOA is inspired by real-life historical events. The scriptwriter tried to stay true to facts and deductions made about her life, having first made a documentary about KROTOA’s life with the help of various historians and cultural advisors like Dr. Yvette Abrahams, Prof Jatti Bredenkamp, Dr. Vertrees Malherbe and Ron Martin. The narrative feature film script is inspired by historical facts and deductions made about her life. Bradley van Sitters and Dorothea Davids advised in terms of the Khoisan language, Khoekhoegowab, which is one of the languages spoken in the film along with Afrikaans.KROTOA’s story was created by a crew of dynamic women. It was imperative that her story not only be told by creatives from the community, but also from a female perspective. This feature film is the culmination of three years of research, scripting and, most importantly, actively engaging with top historians on the subject. Because of the importance of the story the film enjoyed the support and endorsement of The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), in association with M-Net and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Every effort was made to honour this heroin’s life and memory,” says Kaye Ann Williams, who created the script for the film as a result of a documentary she produced and directed on KROTOA’s life.


“In comparison to men, very few women have been acknowledged for having an impact on South African history. KROTOA (Eva) is the tragic heroin of this movie. It is not only important to tell her story because of all her great achievements, but it is also necessary to highlight that she was caught between two ways of life and constantly forced to choose between these two cultures. Identity, a sense of belonging and reconciliation are strong, universal themes in this powerful tale. Especially because the identity of someone, who is in between two cultures, is very relevant in any multicultural society,” Durrant adds.


Crystal-Donna Roberts, known for movies such as Endless River, Die Ongelooflike Avonture van Hanna Hoekom and Skeem; as well as television series like 7de Laan, Montana, Vallei van die Sluiers, Getroud met Rugby, Boland Moorde and Byl, plays KROTOA, while SAFTA acclaimed actor, Armand Aucamp – who is renowned for his work in Ballade vir ’n Enkeling and Die Boekklub – portrays the role of Jan van Riebeeck. Jacques Bessenger, Doen Lotz, Marcel van Heerden, Roeline Daneel, Brendon Daniels and Ernest St Clair also star in this critically acclaimed film.   Sy word na die eerste Fort geneem, wat in 1652 deur die Oos-Indiese Kompanjie gevestig is. Hier word sy groot as ’n visionêre jong dame, wat die Nederlandse taal en kultuur so goed verstaan, dat sy ’n invloedryke tolk word vir van Riebeeck – die eerste goewerneur van die Kaapkolonie. Krotoa word egter op die ou einde deur haar eie Khoi-mense verwerp en deur die Hollanders vernietig wanneer sy probeer om ’n middeweg tussen die twee kulture te vind.


KROTOA is a striking tale about a woman, who was prepared to sacrifice everything, to give birth to the great nation we all share today. It not only has a powerful message, which anyone can relate to, but also promises to take moviegoers on an epic adventure back in time.


KROTOA was produced by the SAFTA Award-winning film company, Penguin Films, in association with kykNET. The film will be released in cinemas, nationwide, on 4 August 2017, and is distributed by Ster-Kinekor Entertainment.


…still quitting this dating thing…

“Show me a woman or a man who has not been a fool for love”.


Catfishing is one thing, where one is lured into a relationship by a fictional online persona, but giving someone a chance against your intuition because you pity them or you simple tired of being single is another. No guessing that I became that girl, it was like something just swept over me, I found myself trusting guy, maybe it was that nurturing or fixing up thing that woman have. Where you clearly see that guy is broken, useless yet you still want to build him up into this thing that will be perfect for you, damn! Yes I became that. I believed his sob story of being ill-treated in the past; somehow I could relate. It didn’t help that guy has a boy a year older than my one and ‘he is a single dad’.


Listen I could see the kids playing together while guy and I affectionately holding hands right behind them (I watch too much TV).

The person that I know myself to be would not have invited guy to my house, but when I could not help my son connect his PlayStation I found myself conveniently seeking guy’s help., and that is how he got to know where I live. Caution out the window just like that even I could not believe myself. Guy by now was talking serious commitment, the need to meet my sisters, my parents, talking lobola negotiations, before I could say stop he had already professed his undying love for me to my sisters. Of cause my sisters could not understand why I have kept this perfect guy a secret. I did not even have a chance to tell my sisters I had known guy for a whole three minutes.


Never in the history of ever has time moved at a snail pace as it did during guy’s stay in South Africa. Eventually the tour was coming to an end and soon it would be time for guy to go back home, but he had to follow me to work one day because he thought it was a romantic gesture (eyes roll). It had become clear now that guy is definitely not ok in the head and I had worked out a plan (so I thought) to rid of him but he had to be far away for me to execute. Soon as he texted saying he had landed home I deleted his number, blocked him off my WhatsApp. That’s when it all started:

My phone ringing off the hook from an unknown number   (Guy demanding reasons why he could not reach me via WhatsApp)

My sister’s phone ringing off the hook (mixed with tears and pleas)

When he grasped this was not working he changed his strategy, I stared receiving emails from his step father who happened to write as he does pleading with me to at least hear the guy out, when that did not work emails were sent to my work address. Emails from the hospital were guy had been admitted to because he was suicidal but at the same time I was receiving emails on Gmail from him telling me his son had gone missing ( how convenient( meanwhile I was trying to find ways to block all communication from him ) I eventually deleted my Gmail account.

Conveniently I had a new follower on twitter a Michael


I am still trying to figure out , how I could not see that this person was a Narcissist psycho who spent most of his time behind a computer screen pretending to be something he was not.


…I am quitting this dating thing…(part one)

A while ago I completed writing this post , only in my head.

Well where do I start? From the beginning I guess would be the best place to start. The only challenge with that is I don’t even know anymore, where the beginning is or the start so I will just dive in.

At the beginning of this year (2017) I decided to be brave and signed myself up at a dating website. I wanted one that guaranteed anonymity because, 1. I am a professional what would my employer think if this were to come to light, 2.Surely someone like me can never be desperate to a point where they look for love online , again anonymity had to be on point. Being a south African educated black woman finding a man should never be an issue according to societies standards, but looking for love online is totally frowned upon, apparently it’s an option only reserved for people who have things to hide, those who are ugly, those who cannot hold proper conversations in person, the list goes on and on, basically it all boils down to, if you are looking for love online you had to be desperate.

Anyway I digress




I signed up and I was as honest as I could be without divulging much of personal information, needless to say I attracted loads of suitors from all over the world. As with normal dating I had to scale the list down and limit communication to those I thought I had a thing or two in common with based of cause on what one has either told me or listed on their profile.


Two weeks in, one guy proved to be the ultimate match and so the talks quickly escalated to setting up dates to meet. It so happened that guy already had a planned trip to South Africa (wow, what a conterminous I thought, a good one nonetheless).Before guy could come to South Africa though I noticed a predisposition I was not really comfortable with, though I like talking on the phone for hours, Guy’s calls lasted for hours on end to a point where you run out of things to say you only left with the mmhs and aahhs. One day guy calls, I did not pick up as I was busy at work. When I checked my phone fifteen minutes later I had twenty seven missed calls from the same person and about eight voice messages.You would think that would have noted the red flags right there and then.

Guy eventually get to South Africa, we agree to meet. He comes with his friend whom he was on tour with, the person looked like he was suffering from insomnia, never mind the fact that pants were hanging like he had borrowed them from an uncle who happened to be a few centimetres taller than him. Flabbergasted as I am I sit down with them, they order food, I order water but I could not keep quiet anymore I asked about his state. The response was “Oh I haven’t slept so much because we are busy with the tour and its taking its toll on me etc”, and the pants I asked, “No I lost weight I used to be bigger than this “, I nodded (thinking but does losing weight equal to gaining height?).

Halfway through my bottled water I had to excuse myself…

To be continued.


”’The odyssey of getting to know you…


…The odyssey of getting to know you …

By Peter Vinton

I have had this book for close to a month now if not over. A beautiful surprise from what I had expected not only does it look different from what I Imagined in my mind but the actual packaging and messages are so fitting. Initially I thought this is the kind of book that would make for a good gift to my colleagues thirteen year old daughter, however that was before I dived into it.

The timing could not have been better

I am at a place in my life where I can say I have broken free from the prison that is fear, Fear of allowing myself to be totally vulnerable, to fully love and allow other to Love me just as much as they want to.


It is amazing to watch a transformation within you, a transformation that only Love can inspire.

This book has something for everyone

Those who are discovering themselves

Those who are hurting

Those who are inLove

Ultimately it boils down to that which that make us get up and be, the quest for love..


Beautifulod pv.jpg

…Happy Freedom Day…

Exactly twenty three years ago this day, my father at age forty seven cast his vote for the very first time. Young as I was at the time it baffles me how I can still remember the mood of the day, I mean I can only make reference to our surroundings and circumstances at the time. The entire township was filled with a joyful sprit you could literally touch hope of a new world, what would be called the rainbow nation.

Of cause if we were to go back to history we would learn far too many saddening realities of what it took to get to the day, we would learn of how many lives were tersely ended way before they started, we would learn of way too many broken homes ,fatherless homes, motherless and childless homes. We would learn of  way too many dissolute ,displaced families way too many heart-breaking, that when you think of your heart just drops, however without belittling each and every persons struggle that contributed to the liberation of black people in South Africa ,that’s not what I want to write about today.

Today I merely want to reflect what freedom means to me personally as a black South African woman living in post-apartheid South Africa today. I mean it is always tempting to want to joining the chorus that everyone seems to be chanting on today, the chorus that take verses like:

What is Freedom without Economic Freedom?

What is Freedom without Land ownership?

What is freedom when racism is so strife amongst White South Africans?

What is freedom without free education?

What is freedom without, without, without, without the list goes on and on and on.

unnamed (2)


With the response to my friend above said, how does one cultivate the said spirit of gratitude without looking at everything that is happening in South Africa right now and feel desponded? The questions I ask myself as an individual daily are, what contributions do I then make to my country as the individual that I am? Could it be that one is never truly free? Could it be that this freedom thing is as elusive as the term happiness that we so seek as human beings?

Granted had I been born in 1947 like my dad, my life would have taken a different direction, chances are, I would not have gone to school just like him, because that privilege was reserved for a very few. Being a girl my prospects would have been to marry a good husband and bore him strong beautiful babies and look after the home. Would that have been enough for me, not knowing any better I would take a calculated guess and say yes.

However I was not born in that era, yes the effects of colonialism, apartheid etc. are still felt by black people even today.

Having said that, I can with caution say at least I have the freedom to live where I live right now, with the absence of group areas act I can pretty much go anywhere I want to go in South Africa and enjoy being me without fear of being told I am not welcome just because my skin happens to be a hundred shades darker. I can send my son to whatever school I want to send him to.

Is that enough?

Far from being enough, a lot still need to happen for South Africans to truly enjoy this so called Freedom .With the absence of the jovial mood that characterised 27 April 1994 as individuals we can still do more to continue in that search of Freedom in this beautiful South Africa of ours.


Twenty three years is nothing, we are still young as a country ,as Zanele Mthembu so well put it ,

We are a nation in recovery. We have been left maimed and scarred by apartheid. We have taken the first steps. We know we are not strong yet and we need help from more developed nations. We especially need to learn from the experiences of our fellow brothers and sisters on the continent who have also gone through what we are only now experiencing. We have come to realize that freedom is just the beginning of yet another struggle. We are all new in this process of democracy and we have to hold hands, government and the people and make this democracy work for us. There is a Zulu saying, which goes “Izandla ziyagezana” which means one hand washes the other. The government is the one hand and ordinary citizens, are the other hand. We need both hands to wash away the legacy of apartheid. We need to remove the dirt and grime from the past so that we can sit with clean hands at the table of democracy and enjoy the fruit of our labour.


We need a reconstruction of the people’s mindsets and the development of a new and positive attitude all round. That can only be done through education. The better educated our nation; the better our future is going to be. We need to be educated about what our role is or should be in this new democracy. We need to be educated not only about our rights but also our obligations. Freedom comes with a lot of responsibilities. We are responsible for our destiny. Yes, government has a part to play but they cannot do it on their own. We have to actively participate in helping the government better our lot. Working with our leaders is not new to us. During the days of the struggle, there was always a strong partnership between the leaders and the masses. That is what made our struggle a success. We need to rekindle that partnership, so that we can reconstruct and develop our nation.


Happy Freedom day

…there’s a Fist Fight happening…

there’s a Fist Fight happening – and it’s side-splitting. The new movie Fist Fight will be in cinema at Montecasino on 24 February, but that’s not all.

Montecasino hosted an exclusive pre-screening of the movie on Wednesday, 22 February 2017 at Movies@Monte. This initiative is part of showcasing activations Montecasino is doing.

A select few of Montecasino’s Facebook competition winners, celebrity movie lovers and influencers were the first South Africans to enjoy the movie “Fist Fight”.

In the new movie from director Richie Keen, history teacher Ron Strickland (played by Ice Cube) challenges mild-mannered English teacher Andy Campbell (played by Charlie Day) to a fight when Campbell gets Strickland fired.

Riaad Moosa around SA

Riaad Moosa in Life Begins
For Immediate Release

They say “life begins at 40”…

Riaad Moosa invites along audiences around South Africa to his brand new one-man show, Life Begins, to join in figuring out whether life really does begin at 40.

“Even though I am turning 40 this year, in many ways, I feel like I’m still crawling and I’m looking back at my journey from being an aspirational doctor, coming from a relatively conservative Muslim background, where both my parents were doctors, and how I actually journeyed to becoming a stand-up comedian,” says Riaad.

As an award-winning comedian, actor, writer and presenter, Riaad Moosa is one of South Africa’s most popular and acclaimed funny men and he happens to be a qualified medical doctor too. Known as the “Comedy Doctor”, he certainly seems to have the remedy for the nation’s ills – a healthy dose of laughter, straight up – and hold the aspirin!

Life Begins is a snapshot into the life of Riaad Moosa – being a father of three kids, a husband, comedian, actor and with all the current cultural and political issues thrown in.

The show has seen sold-out audiences at the Golden Arrow Studio in Cape Town – with the run ending on 25 February – and due to popular demand, an additional week from 2 to 6 May has been added to the Baxter Theatre. Riaad will also be visiting The Ridge Casino (Witbank) on 4 March; Patidar Hall (Lenasia) on 10 March; Silverstar Casino (Krugersdorp) on 11 March and 25 March at Emperors Palace with Riaad Moosa & Friends.

“The show is very philosophical and existential. It involves the normal issues of getting older while at the same time experiencing, at a maturity where I’m supposed to be wise, a world that is completely turned on its head – with Trump, with Brexit; In South Africa, the ‘State Capture’, ‘Fees Must Fall’, ‘DOOM’. And it’s about how I negotiate all these things happening around me while trying to maintain a positive attitude. Through my comedic lens, I hope to put a different spin on that and hopefully I can enter my next 40 years with renewed vigour and excitement,” Moosa adds.

Get your prescription of laughter with Riaad Moosa’s side-splittingly funny one-man show, Life Begins.

The show is rated PG for Language. Tickets range from R150 and can be purchased at Computicket or at the respective venues’ box offices. For more information on Riaad’s upcoming shows, visit http://www.riaadmoosa.co.za.

Another great production brought to you by Blu Blood.

Follow Riaad Moosa on Twitter (@RiaadMoosa) and Facebook (Riaad Moosa).