…still quitting this dating thing…

“Show me a woman or a man who has not been a fool for love”.


Catfishing is one thing, where one is lured into a relationship by a fictional online persona, but giving someone a chance against your intuition because you pity them or you simple tired of being single is another. No guessing that I became that girl, it was like something just swept over me, I found myself trusting guy, maybe it was that nurturing or fixing up thing that woman have. Where you clearly see that guy is broken, useless yet you still want to build him up into this thing that will be perfect for you, damn! Yes I became that. I believed his sob story of being ill-treated in the past; somehow I could relate. It didn’t help that guy has a boy a year older than my one and ‘he is a single dad’.


Listen I could see the kids playing together while guy and I affectionately holding hands right behind them (I watch too much TV).

The person that I know myself to be would not have invited guy to my house, but when I could not help my son connect his PlayStation I found myself conveniently seeking guy’s help., and that is how he got to know where I live. Caution out the window just like that even I could not believe myself. Guy by now was talking serious commitment, the need to meet my sisters, my parents, talking lobola negotiations, before I could say stop he had already professed his undying love for me to my sisters. Of cause my sisters could not understand why I have kept this perfect guy a secret. I did not even have a chance to tell my sisters I had known guy for a whole three minutes.


Never in the history of ever has time moved at a snail pace as it did during guy’s stay in South Africa. Eventually the tour was coming to an end and soon it would be time for guy to go back home, but he had to follow me to work one day because he thought it was a romantic gesture (eyes roll). It had become clear now that guy is definitely not ok in the head and I had worked out a plan (so I thought) to rid of him but he had to be far away for me to execute. Soon as he texted saying he had landed home I deleted his number, blocked him off my WhatsApp. That’s when it all started:

My phone ringing off the hook from an unknown number   (Guy demanding reasons why he could not reach me via WhatsApp)

My sister’s phone ringing off the hook (mixed with tears and pleas)

When he grasped this was not working he changed his strategy, I stared receiving emails from his step father who happened to write as he does pleading with me to at least hear the guy out, when that did not work emails were sent to my work address. Emails from the hospital were guy had been admitted to because he was suicidal but at the same time I was receiving emails on Gmail from him telling me his son had gone missing ( how convenient( meanwhile I was trying to find ways to block all communication from him ) I eventually deleted my Gmail account.

Conveniently I had a new follower on twitter a Michael


I am still trying to figure out , how I could not see that this person was a Narcissist psycho who spent most of his time behind a computer screen pretending to be something he was not.



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