”’The odyssey of getting to know you…


…The odyssey of getting to know you …

By Peter Vinton

I have had this book for close to a month now if not over. A beautiful surprise from what I had expected not only does it look different from what I Imagined in my mind but the actual packaging and messages are so fitting. Initially I thought this is the kind of book that would make for a good gift to my colleagues thirteen year old daughter, however that was before I dived into it.

The timing could not have been better

I am at a place in my life where I can say I have broken free from the prison that is fear, Fear of allowing myself to be totally vulnerable, to fully love and allow other to Love me just as much as they want to.


It is amazing to watch a transformation within you, a transformation that only Love can inspire.

This book has something for everyone

Those who are discovering themselves

Those who are hurting

Those who are inLove

Ultimately it boils down to that which that make us get up and be, the quest for love..


Beautifulod pv.jpg


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