…Working Mothers Expo…

It’s a Saturday afternoon I am driving to Sandton City, I receive a call from a friend of mine who wants to do coffee, to which I answer ‘coffee and catch up would be lovely only if you meet me at Sandton Convention centre’. With a puzzled sounding voice he asks ‘Why convention Centre on a Saturday morning ‘, I tell him I am attending ‘The working mothers Expo’. Brief pause from his end, and then comes the reaction I anticipated, ‘Oh dear, you people are taking this whole liberation thing to all new levels now, what is a working mothers expo, you don’t hear such events for men, you women are forever so exclusive in this empowerment thing, and so he went on and on and on, needless to say we did not do coffee nor did we catch up.

If I were to educate my friend above a little about the expo I’m pretty sure he would understand the need for it, I mean sitting around gossiping cannot be the only thing women do, right? There ought to be other things women do to uplift themselves and those around them, that is what the Expo delivered and more.

Founded by a former investment banker, Janice Windt, a mother of two. Janice was convinced that she was really failing at this working mother thing, even with a dedicated husband who supports her fully. She battled to find five minutes for herself between trying to force solids down her five month old baby (while hubby ran after the older boy trying to feed him)  her career, motherhood , God, husband and so she started writing about her experiences. To her astonishment she was not the only one, women from all over the world started sharing their stories with her an online she termed it 100 mums, 100 days, 100 ways of living the life you love. It was through this movement where she interviewed working women from all over the world. From a PR Company owner in Hong Kong, a Senior Partner in a law firm in New York, a recently divorced Journalist in Nigeria, a woman whom her husband died leaving her with two children both under the age of two, to her friend down the road who was a first time mum.


All these women had their won struggles but they were forging through it all, from all those stories and more Working Mothers Expo was born.

The Expo exceeded my expectations,

From being hosted by an incredible working mother, TV personality, producer and renowned MC


To all kind of exhibitions created, owned, co owned and ran by mothers.

Mothers sharing their stories

Woman who turned her side hobby into a full time gig

A personality whom her journey to motherhood was shared from the thought to current


To balancing your life or choosing what works for you and prioritising it as such.

Watch this space for 2017 Working Mothers Expo…


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