…Someone help me find my rule book…

Your friend who has been single for eternity meets a guy that she likes, you are so happy for her she can sense your excitement through the texts. She gives you the down low on how they met what colour socks he was wearing down to how his ears are exactly the same shape. You are happy for your friend , but you are apprehensive at the same time because you know how she has been falling for all the wrong guys ,you  then take it up on yourself to give caution to the wind, even though you know it goes through one ear and straight to the other.


I mean would you be worried about whether his family has history of cancer or not if you were her, knowing how hard it is to meet half a decent guy these days I know I wouldn’t.

People say I am over analytical , I think they are right if it was up to me I would plan everything right up to how I would die and where, but let’s face it if life that was predictable it would be as boring as listening to Trump’s presidential debates, what would be the point ?

I was laughing the other day a friend telling me how he knows someone who has two PHD’s but struggles to find love to a point where she went consulting a Sangoma in KZN. I know the number of degrees one holds has no bearing on whether one will meet their prince charming and have their forever, but what are we missing?

Are we going about it the wrong way all together? Its elusive yes, but some seem to have it figured out more than the others or is it a case of a grass looking greener on the other side?


The other day I was bored so I scribbled this “I feel that life should be lived, embraced with a hearty child-like openness. We should give love a chance regardless of many shapes or forms it might take. We should ignore its history despise its past, abandon teenage fantasies and if it calls for it , throw out the rule book altogether”

Would you be stunned if I tell you that a few days ago I met a guy who made something move within me, look it was not that thunderous but it made me listen a bit, however I found myself pacing up and down breathlessly looking for that rule book, why? If we should live life openly, giving Love a try every chance we get why did I find myself wanting? Why the need to follow the rules.


2 thoughts on “…Someone help me find my rule book…

  1. Interesting read, I want to say I get how you feel, but in a different context; sometimes I don’t want to care, I want to live… The proper sort of living where you feel everything and you allow everything take your breath away. Walking on a tarred street without your shoes on while it’s raining kind of living, but every chance I get I tie my shoes and take the side walk with a larger than life umbrella. Maybe we’re just human, but that’s a good enough excuse for anything lol I think it takes time. Admitting “it shouldn’t be so” is one thing, fighting years of “an acceptable/less threatening” way of acting passed on from scared parents and in your case the worst of life’s experiences is another. All the best though! I enjoyed reading this.

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