…Be Nice , but don’t be too awkward


If I had five cents every time someone told me having one child is not right, I bet I will be approaching the hundred thousand’s by now. People have no filter, no respect for personal space or choices none whatsoever; I know this because I am guilty of it at times.

You are in a queue at the airport, your child right next to you when the stranger behind you suddenly comments on how cute your child is, just as you are about to say thank you, the ‘he’s an only right?’ follows. Well you were taught to be polite you answer with a half-smile yes. Stranger with the weirdest tan continues ‘You should get him a little sister or brother I am sure he gets bored’; you want to end this awkward conversation as quickly as you can so your response is a faint, yeah maybe.


But honestly what makes people say such things?

Am I being over sensitive here?

Surely there are other conversation starters that should not involve your procreant function as a woman, not so? I mean don’t get me wrong we love to be reminded of how cute our little ones are, but really it should just end there, but no the man in skinny socks took it upon himself to interrogate me right there.

“He’s nine, oh my God what a gap what are you waiting for? He should have a brother or a sister already”

“I mean I know kids are expensive and everything, but think about it if you just get it out of the way then you are done”

“You see now you are on your way to a vacation but he will be bored now you have to hire a friend or be the friend, where as you could have…

I had just about enough and I was not interested in taking anymore of it, so I asked, ‘how many do you have?’, sorry what ? that was his response, to which I retorted with a ‘Squirrels of cause’, you make it sound that easy , like you arrive at a decision to have or not the have kids the same way you would  in deciding which deodorant to buy;

Like oh its almost month end I am almost out let me re stock up, Oh they don’t have my usual will take whatever I can find in the mean time…

Dude Noo, stop it already  

Maybe poor guy meant well but there are things that you ask and there are things that you should not be asking a person if

  1. You do not know their last name
  2. You don’t share parents with

And if a person keeps giving one word answer, get the hint already you are being awkward.


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