Marvello makes more magic in the kitchen

One of South Africa’s most well-known and popular foodservice brands – Marvello – has responded to insights from chefs with a reformulation and rebranding of their product range, providing chefs with a product to suit every chef’s needs.

The new Marvello Professional range from Unilever Food Solutions has been given a packaging facelift as well as improved flavour and is available in Marvello Butter Flavoured, a unique blend of butter flavours and buttermilk, which is ideal for sautéing and sauces; Marvello Bake, is a new addition to the range and also made with a unique blend of buttermilk and butter flavours, which is ideal for baking; Marvello Multipurpose, is a great-tasting spread made from a blend of vegetable oils that is versatile enough to use in multiple applications; and Marvello Spreadable, is a ready to use spread that is soft enough to spread straight from the fridge, allowing operators to spread 150 slices of bread directly from the fridge.

“Marvello is an old favourite in our stable of products designed to make chefs’ lives easier,” explains Remco Bol, Unilever Food Solutions’ MD. “But with constantly changing consumer demands and expectations, the food service industry has to keep up with fresh and tasty flavours. This revitalised Marvello Professional range adds tremendous taste value in the kitchen, while also ensuring cost benefits to the operation.”

“In exploring the improved taste profiles of our Marvello products, we spoke to many chefs and operators,” says Craig Elliot, Executive Head Chef for Unilever Food Solutions. “Classically trained chefs who are creative and committed to their passion for culinary excellence, find it difficult to be constrained by budgets and food costs. They want to use butter in sautéing and sauces, but often have to revert to margarine for the sake of cost. Marvello Butter Flavoured is the hero of our product range, delivering an authentic flavour at a lower cost.”

Specialist bakers, says Elliot, need to be both scientists and artists in the kitchen with their baking. “In baking there is no room for error in high level specialist baking; ingredients have to deliver on taste and performance. Marvello Bake is ideal for specialist bakers for whom taste and texture – crispness, snap and shortness – is key.”

Chefs also want to deliver higher quality food with creative flair, but are invariably constrained by limited budgets. “We believe there is a niche for Marvello Multipurpose in this sector of the foodservice market, meeting the need for one margarine that fulfils multiple applications at a lower cost,” says Elliot.

“There is a whole range of cooking and baking processes in the kitchen – shallow frying, sautéing, making sauces, and baking – that will benefit from the use of Marvello Multipurpose because of its versatility”

Elliot says that at the heart of every professional chef’s desire is to produce a truly great dish with the best possible ingredients. “At Unilever Food Solutions we make it our aim to enable that dream.”

The four better-than-ever Marvello Professional products are being launched at the leading culinary expo, Food & Hospitality Africa, by Unilever



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