…what better way to celebrate…

This morning I woke up to a very pleasant call, a happy birthday song from my nephews and nieces helped by grandma and grandpa ofcause.As the call approached the end my oldest nephew whom I had the pleasure of naming ten years ago asks me

makazi, how old are you now?”

Before I could answer my son sailed in, “she’s thirsty one, my mom is thirty one right mum?”

Now I made a deal with my son a few years ago the treaty was to tell everyone who asks my cared to ask about my age that I was twenty eight now imagine my shock when he blurts out thirty one(which is still not my real age by the way) and so I enquired,

“What happened to our truce?”

To which I got a:

“But mom that was three years ago when you were twenty eight, I have been counting you know”. Clearly he forgot to inform the deal maker of his impressive Maths skills. Anyhow my birthday morning was off to a good start, even though I had decided to be cruel to myself, matter of fact it was not my doing but my Dentist who decided to move my root canal treatment to my birthday morning. Envisage the demise.

So it’s my birthday morning I am walking out of the doctors room with a swollen numb face off to attend my very first board meeting, brilliant thank you doc I will remember this birthday for many years to come.

The meeting carried on as it should naturally, in between endless nods, pointing to this slide and the other, responding in writing, I got to reflect a little. Granted I have had a rough year, if someone had said to me on my birthday this year I would be in a boardroom chock-full with academics who are doing wonderful work contributing to the betterment of the South African Education I would have laughed, in fact I would have laughed so much it would have conveyed tears to my eyes, not tears of joy but those of melancholy because that would have been the state of my mind at that point in time. Disconsolate!

It had been so bad that despondency had become the only fit enough adjective to describe the last two years of my life.

Anyway I am not there it still my birthday I am now at the airport, OR Tambo International the birthday celebration continues. No I have nowhere to go I am just here to watch the people as they hop on and off the planes.



What a way to spend my birthday, I know right even I don’t get myself sometimes I mean who does this?

Why would a sane person drive all the way to the airport just to watch people getting on with their businesses?

I don’t know, what I can tell you though is that there is just so much splendour and clandestine around here.


  • The different languages spoken
  • The obvious variation of alacrities
  • The families
  • The business people
  • The people travelling by themselves


Only two things that seems to be consistent is how everyone that gaits by seems to be on their phone(s) and every second person seems to have an almost permanent smile on their faces(maybe is it’s all in my mind the smile ie). However No one person is the same as the next.

Nonetheless I am finding so much joy in being lost in the sight of strangers on the go. I could have gone out with this one or the other, I could have celebrated my younger sister’s new job (if you happen to bump into this congrats once more), I could have gone to a spa treat myself from head to toe the list is endless really.

None of that could have given me the satisfaction I wanted from this experience, what that maybe, you may wonder…

…so do I, for now though let me finish my crepes…




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