Another failed attempt to cycle the #momentum 94,7 challenge


I am at coffee trying to talk myself into this; my heart is literally beating out of my mouth.

You will be well within your right to call me whatever you want to, instead of being the good girl I vowed to be this year when I entered the momentum 94.7 cycling challenge, I think I am going to opt for the easy one out. See I have been spinning like there is no tomorrow day in and out preparing for this challenge but it seemed the harder I tried the more flabby I was becoming, so I am going to do what any sane person in my position would do.


I will not cycle tomorrow


I am scared


What if I come last?

..And the current weather situation it’s not making it any easier (heat wave :()


So Yes I am bailing out yet Again.


I am such an idiot…letting fear cripple me so,


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