Doing Toni Proud… Four Black Women Authors Speak


The global respect for Nobel Prize in Literature-winning author Toni Morrison is immeasurable. As the first Black woman ever awarded this highest level prize in writing and the last American in general, Morrison’s depiction of Black American life across an astonishing range of tapestries and historical periods trailblazed worldwide appreciation for a largely-subdued ethnic representation in books.

MorrisonHer audacity to depict the pathologies and defects of Black Americans’ lives along, with their virtues and triumphs, paved the way for more well-rounded Black characters in literature; many had been hidden behind Black authors’ desperate efforts to foreground largely positive, but sometimes simplistic, images meant to repair our stereotypes.

God Help the Child

At age 84 Morrison released her 11th novel, God Help the Child, last spring from Alfred Knopf Publishers in New York City. The slim novel centers upon a contemporary Black American woman who calls herself ‘Bride.’ Her successful life as a…

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