…as for me and my house…

One Tuesday evening I was with my son driving from the gym, when I spotted these two teenagers making out by the side of the road. Yea it was not the first time I saw such a thing so this time the child in me came out and I started honking, they took one  glance my way  and carried on with their business and so I slowed down the car –– nothing. My son asked what I was doing and I was like, uuhmm didn’t you see what they were doing and he was like they were kissing what’s wrong with that? I nearly picked my jaw off the floor of the car.

Granted there is absolutely nothing wrong with Public Display of Affection whether you are fresh off the diapers or close to the grave ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong. If that’s the case then why did I made such a big deal out if it? I don’t know I guess I was just being silly and bored.

Someone said we tend to take or follow the path of our parents, if your parents were big on PDA so will you, if they screamed at each other; you are most likely to be a screamer etc. Much as I have never witnessed my parents fighting, I have never seen them kiss never mind a hug.


I must have been sixteen if not fifteen when one day my dad came back from work and he was in uttermost jolt at what he saw my new friend doing out in the street.

“She did not even stop when she saw, she even had the nerve to greet me while she was,eeuuww I had to look the other way I have never seen such a thing, I am this old but I have never, tshini Thixo wam”

I am sure you thinking my dad saw my friend strangling someone to death, No  ! He didn’t, all he saw was my friend making out with her boyfriend in the street corner which happened to be one house down from our house.My friend was fairly new in the area she had grown up in Eesterivier some area in the Cape. Needless to say a few minutes later after my dad almost fainted at her sight, my friend came walking in our house, oblivious of what a shock she gave my dad, to which my dad just walked up to his room because she could not understand how disrespectful my friend could be.

I mean I understood my dad perfectly, during their time all they did was buy handkerchiefs give to a girl or a roll of xxx sweets, while walking miles away from each other as if they were complete strangers, or maybe they were busy dodging teargas and guns to worry about holding hands or kissing in public. I don’t know.

I do know though that even witnessing Brooke kiss Ridge on the telly for my dad was a big hoo-hah, to a point where the TV would be switched off for a good minute until the kissing scene was over or him just simple excusing himself to his room. My dad is a true African I am tempted to give him balls (the whiskey) but yho, my dad would pull a ‘As for me and my house…’.

But is it an African though?

Are Africans not that demonstrative?

Or did we grow up in a different Era all together where affection was always kept for midnight and bedroom?

I suppose its different strokes for different folks


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