…the social beings that we are…

Human beings elate conversing, it’s what keeps us connected after all we are social creatures.

It doesn’t take much to reignite that natural drive we have within us. Regardless of the high walls that we have erected around us to keep our spaces so to speak.

Usually when I want to take it easy in the morning drives I would tune into Umhlobo wenene FM. It’s not so much about the fact that it’s a Xhosa radio station but more about the fact that I know without a doubt when I listen to that breakfast show I am bound to laugh and for a while forget about the ills of the world. Don’t get it twisted and think that it’s all light hearted, no its not, but it’s just in the execution of the show its self, that even the hardest of the topics can seem a little lighter.

Given the world that we live in, you have to admit that humour goes a long way , and we could all do with a little dosage of it, if not why not every morning.

So yesterday being a Monday the topic of the morning was more like a confession session ‘What is that one thing that you do, you know it’s wrong and could be fatal yet you just can’t stop doing?”

As you can imagine responses varied:

“I wish I could stop texting while driving”

“Ey my brother for me its speed, if I drive at 150kmh on the high way it feels like im not doing anything” (where is metrocops)

“Wish I could stop cheating, you know I was hurt and now have trust issues and therefore cannot be with one person, I have to have options to avoid disappointment”

…and the came a call that led me to writing this.You could hear in her voice that the issue is deep ,maybe deeper than she was even willing to admit , I am not about to go all psychology on you (relax).She said “Mna bhutiza andikwazi uxola (loosely translated- I can’t forgive)

The hosts asked if she goes to church and she admitted that she does, but still cannot find it in her to make peace with people who have hurt her or done her wrong.

Now the thing with life is that, people will hurt you, they will hate you, they will gossip about you, people will deceive you, bad mouth you.People will lend money from you and never pay it back, it’s unfortunate, its life it happens .however the beauty of being human(s) is that we forge through all of that. We are built in such a way that even when the severest of the punitive realities of life incursion we will still have the spirit to go on. Hard as it is one just has to build up a coping mechanism.

It will seem that the generation before us managed better with life’s disenchantments.

I really don’t have answers, but all I remember as a kid visiting the homelands, it was rare almost non-existence to hear cases of depression. That’s not to say it didn’t exist .Maybe they (people) were more depressed than we are or even lonelier I don’t know.

Notwithstanding so many outlets we have at our disposals things should be a little easier, I  mean all it should take for anyone feeling down or lonely  would be to log in on one of the social media outlets, let it all out shouldn’t it?

Even social media has limitations, I’ve written about it sometime here (http://weblogforlove.com/2015/02/narcissism-social-media/)

Humans enjoy talking to each other and I mean that in the most literal way. We enjoy meeting new people, making friends. We enjoy talking to people we have never met .Sometimes it takes liking the same tune at the gym, Love for dogs, beautiful dress etc. Fact is, the inner thing to connect built within us almost always want to be let out.

Again think back emakhaya (homelands) passing someone without greeting them, whether you knew them or not NEVER, unheard of, it does not happen (at least where I come from).When I say greeting I don’t mean a hey hey and off you go, No! I am referring to the greeting that will be followed by more of a ‘how are you session’, where are you from – a mini conversation. Granted! When I was younger I dreaded those (seriously old people who has time, rolling eyes) but nowadays I miss that, I miss the caring nature that is ingrain with being a human being.

IMG-20150228-WA0030[1] IMG-20150228-WA0026[1]

We have become a people that have fallen into comfortable routine(s) (and so we think).Me time doing me (whatever that means), playing video games, passing time watching all these exciting reality shows on the telly by ourselves (remember – me time) completely forgotten that we live in a world where people are hurting, lonely, dying to open up and have a caring shoulder or an ear.

It might seem small what the breakfast crew at Umhlobo wenene is doing, but I tell you, if nothing I am glad that amidst of everything people are encouraged to talk more. If time was never an issue one would be amazed at the realisation of how many people are suffering or have the same problems as them. I know a bunch of people who look forward to calling in, in the morning to share their ‘ndivuke _Today I woke up thinking’.

If any of the breakfast show guys bump into this they must know that they are doing a wonderful job and people are listening

Now back to my first cup of the day…


One thought on “…the social beings that we are…

  1. wow interesting and easy to read, and yes it drives the point home.

    new here is my suggestion, keep the vein of discussing serious issues in a light and in a story format it works. at least for me. who knows may be you may write a book, which will be a collection of all these articles.

    well done.

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