2014 What a year you have been…

As for what happened in South Africa and around the world in 2014 oh my! Where does one begin?

While I have never really been a big fan of beauty cavalcades (I don’t get the point that’s just me) when Miss South Africa won miss world you damn right I celebrated. God knows we needed that as a nation after a year we have had.

Finally Oscar was sentenced, even I was getting exhausted ,I mean the law lectures on twitter were great and all, but hey, it had to come to an end. Down in Cape Town though Dewani walked as a free confessed bi-man, not before one of the accused dies of a brain tumour while in prison as the trial commenced. I don’t want to get started on deaths now, but how sad was it for Senzo Meyiwa (South African soccer team captain) to die at a concubine’s /girlfriend’s home? A church building collapses in Nigeria killing South Africans how many were they eighty three? Lord Jesus!!!

Remember Ferguson? Okay enough.

But wait, was the Malaysian plane ever found? and now there’s air Asia flight #QZ8501

Ebola, Al Qaeda,Boko Haram,ISIS

Is Kim around now? I mean Kim Jong-un.

Bill Cosby? What went wrong man? How many are these woman now?

As for the French President being caught with his pants down at sixty. I am telling you 2014 has been a year and a bit.

Did you know that even company CEO’s do get second thoughts after resigning? But what effect do those second thoughts have on a company’s performance?

CEO resigning is one thing, how about when high profiled politicians, executives lie about their qualifications? Oh don’t get me started on those it’s been a sad mess.

Were those celebrity nudes really leaked? I still smell a rat there, anyway none of mine.

I remember I read a bible verse somewhere sometime when I used to frequent church:

Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account. Moreover, I saw under the sun that in the place of justice, even there was wickedness, and in the place of righteousness, even there was wickedness.

Aaah 2014 what a year you have been. I have mixed feelings about you, I can’t say I am happy to see the back of you nor am I sad for it is in you 2014 where I cried the most yet out of those tears came so many valuable lessons, teachings that I will cherish for years and years to come. I will spare you the glitz and gory details…let me carry on with my 2015 resolutions

If I haven’t tasted it like Archer, dog meat I will reserve my judgment until I have tasted it.

If I haven’t read it, I will hold my comments

If I haven’t met them personally, walked half a mile in their stilettos or sneakers, no judgement will be passed.

If I have not seen it, I know nothing about it

If I haven’t used it …wait

See you on the other side…Happy new year.


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