Spirit of Writing Week 10: Very Inspiring Bloggers

No I am not reblogging because my name appears along the list of blogger, ofcause I am. Kalisha thank you so much you have no idea howm much of inspiration you are to me…



I normally do Spirit of Writing “lessons” or “advice”-style posts on #WritingWednesday, but of course it’s hard to concentrate amidst not only the holidays but end-of-the-year housekeepings.

Instead, I am going to give some of the good news all writers must continually harness in order to stay on the path, as well as combine the spirit of writing with the holiday spirit of gift-giving by pointing my readers to my own Very Inspiring Bloggers.

I have Ruth’s Poetry  to thank for nominating me as one of her Very Inspiring Bloggers. Given I have had my blog for a couple of years but only this year made a conscious decision to spread my ideas and voice on it, her thoughts and considerations to me were a wonderful way to end my year affirmed and validated in that decision. I am happily getting to know her blog as well.

Furthermore, her nomination gives me a chance to bless…

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