My friend in France…working Overtime for Love


Nothing spectacular about this day, waking up was not an issue, ordinary summer day in Johannesburg. Taking a break from listening to the news I popped in an old Usher CD (Yes a CD that silver shining round thing, they still exist you know?)(Wait did I just expose my age?) Anyway, nothing extra ordinary about the CD either expect that it was the easiest to find in my ever not so clean car (Lawd have mercy on me, one day I will take better care of my car when I promise).Skipped to the usual favourite tunes while pacing through the ever tiring Republic road traffic towards Sandton.Listening, in passing a song I’ve never really paid much attention to before came on, it immediately reminded me of a whole lot of things, about people and things and just life. How do I shut my mind off? I Mean isn’t it too early to be thinking?

The songs starts out as a plea for help “Can you help me? Anybody out there, help me, please, can you help me?” Nothing too deep about this line, I thought, however the descant sent my mind to a busy street on a Monday morning filled with by passers, each hurryingly to wherever they needed to be. Ladies passing holding a tight grip to their hand bags while trying to squeeze their way through. One women with a kid on each hand crossing the street. Two lover’s holding hands taking it easy with no care in the world none whatsoever, and…

…there in the midst of it all this man (in this song) busy asking for help. this man here is begging to be Loved

“Day after day, people walk by I can’t catch their eye, I hold up my sign It says, “Will work for love” I will, I will, I will, I’ll work for love Overtime”


Excuse me, you two, got love to spare?

 Searched my whole heart, and ain’t none in there

 What meets a star, Im on my last

 Don’t have no love, that’s okay, God bless

Before I knew it while the song was on repeat I found myself at the gate (wake up you are at work) Jeez these emotions can be draining at times, but why? Why do I find myself thinking senseless things like a man in the song?

Yesterday I had a conversation with a very good friend of mine, it only dawned on me now as I write this that yesterday’s conversation was a little different from our usual parleys. In a way my friend was reaching out in a way she has never done before. When she said “But I was 19 I didn’t know any better, I know I am not happy right now but I am old what am I going to do with my life if I leave? “of course I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t quite get it at the time, me being me, always oh so eager to give advice and while at it, not forgetting to throw in my personal experiences ,I fumbled on

“Oh well, you are in the situation, you know what is best for you, I could never tell you what to do”

My friend then said to me this morning

You know “Too much pain makes people angry, that’s human; it takes a lot of positive thinking to get out of this anger and turn it into energy that propels the person.”


“I remember the day I lost my heart, hey yeah

Took it for granted, I went too far, yeah

Fall down, crying and beg to feel that love again

I’d hold this sign till the very end, do anything


As I go back to work…


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