My Issue with #blackface: Construction through Caricature

What really riles me about this is how we are always expected to just get over things ,the very same people that ridicule us somehow feel like they have the right to tell us how to feel or how to react to such things.We are very sensitive they say, I mean.

The Banner.

car·i·ca·ture…noun…: a drawing that makes someone look funny or foolish because some part of the person’s appearance is exaggerated…:someone or something that is very exaggerated in a funny or foolish way…exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or charateristics…” – Merriam Webster Dictionary

This week a picture of two students from the University of Pretoria dressed as black domestic workers and wearing makeup to resemble black skin, with exaggerated physical features was spotted on Facebook.  The university took disciplinary action against the students, partly for bringing the university into disrepute, and social media started trending with the hashtag ‘blackface’.  The term ‘blackface’ is cited as first used in 1869, and describes makeup that was applied on performers playing black roles in minstrel shows.

During the brouhaha about the incident at the University of Pretoria and the reaction that followed…

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