Who’s your daddy??

I wish I could be mad at this as some of the tweeps were, but seriously why should I?


Does it even matter what I was doing when I was 25 or how much money I was banking at the time?Fact is,even if the job were to be offered to me I would have failed at it dismally.I am assuming its one of those jobs where:

04:am – You up,quick shower to

05:am – Hit the gym for an hour and a half

07:am – shuffling through traffic with a healthy smoothie in hand to make it to the office at 8:am and start a highly productive day as chief of staff?Not so?How come?Oh wait Chief of staff is the highest ranking employee so I am imagining assistants all over to drivers and body guards etc.


should it

I am conflicted .I feel people are up in arms because she is the president’s DAUGHTER not Son, overlooking the possibility of her appointment being above-board maybe based on past performance with the same minister? (No not possible) A 25-year-old women is not capable of doing as much a good job or a President’s daughter cannot be appointed as chief of staff PERIOD. But now there are no laws against that right? Okay maybe the issue is that the position was not advertised according to the mail and guardian. Was this the very first position not to be advertised? I don’t know Thuthukile not even from a bar of soap I don’t even know if she is capable or not or if the close to a million pay is worth her appointment, I do know though that akhomlenze ungenadolo.

should it tito

So Thuthukile is a Chief of staff with in the TELECOMS department ,who Graduated at 17 high achiever right there, Registered a MINERALS company as a director at 19,Graduates with Honors at 23.So she has a two, three ,five and ten-year plan all mapped out – what’s wrong with that?


Besides she is not the first African President’s daughter daddy’s girl to be pumped up, if I can use that word.

The richest women in Africa we all know her, this daughter though you have to give it to her for being strategic, wait I think the credit should go to daddy here.

ONE YEAR PLAN – A particular DIAMOND company is formed and she lands herself around 24.5% stake she’s only 26 years old.

TWO YEAR PLAN – First private mobile telephone operator in the country is established, she banks 27% stake TELECOMS.

FIVE YEAR PLAN – A founding member of a BANKING institution 25% stake financed through earlier business ventures, she’s now 32 years old.

 We all know Africa and OIL it’s like Ricoffy and Cremora they go hand in hand like that, so it would have never been wise not to have a vested interest. A state-owned OIL firm she owns a 6,9% through holding companies, maybe something similar to our BEE maybe? Not? Okay. Government (who’s your daddy huh?) moves from owning a 39.8% of the only CEMENT company in the country to owning 89% (safeguarding the public’s interest) while the public is left with an 11% who’s controlling what?

Fast forward 2014 we have the Africa’s youngest ONLY female Billionaire at 41.I asked you who your daddy was. I remain positive that we I mean here in South Africa we could have our very own. However what good is a Billionaire in a country where 70% of the population lives on less than R40 a day, while State Security contraptions and stuff takes more funds that 3 different departments budgets put together?

A simple question really before I doze off…Who’s your daddy?huh?

the tweets


2 thoughts on “Who’s your daddy??

  1. Very interesting! If the lady is qualified and eligible, I say why not give her a chance? But if she was planted there just because of her dad despite lack of skills and what-not, then that would be something else. I honestly have not heard or read about this though. Living under a rock. 🙂

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