..How I wish I could tell her…

Why on earth am I losing sleep over her, I don’t even know her name.Eish this thing of being overly loyal at times. I have been living in this area for almost two years now I signed up at one gym, my son gets his hair cut in this one salon, we get our bread and milk at the same spar, pour fuel in one particular garage . That’s the problem with growing up in a small town or township, familiarity feels like home. You wake up to the same dogs barking, to greeting the same neighbours (Thou shall love thy neighbour).I sometimes wish I could be like those people who aren’t bothered by petty things, but I do. I am almost certain there is a word for people like me, I know my friend doesn’t like to see slanted pictures it just disturbs her and she just wants to fix them up (what is the word fkindor that?)Anyway.

So my son gets his hair cut at this hair salon, I had stopped going there because of this one lady (it just has to be a lady doesn’t it?) Initially on our first visit I thought she was just having a bad day, you know it was a Monday afternoon and all. I said to myself “A, be nice it’s in the afternoon she must have had a long day, can you imagine standing the whole day it can’t be fun.” I discounted her attitude to fatigue however I made a mental note of ignoring it on our next visit. Second time I decided to go in the morning after month end, you know people are the happiest when they have money (so they say)so I tested this mmh but no cigar same as the last time. Why is she so? It’s like you can’t greet fast enough so you can tell her why you there and she can quickly direct you to someone who will assist you.So I was like ah ah month end, busy some people aren’t really morning people, think about it you aren’t a ray of sunshine either in the mornings, cool. Third visit I chose a Sunday afternoon, they were playing Gospel music the other day- perfect people are most likely to be in their best behaviors after church etc. Huh this time I was greeted with a “You can wait outside we will let you know when he’s done so you can come and pay”. Okay I thought fine we becoming regulars now she knows our usual that’s cool we making progess.oh boy!, Was I in for a surprise, my son came out genial from ear to ear with an S-curled- Mohawk and I was like “And now?” he wanted that, that’s what the guy did and that would be R80 thank you. What I can’t pay that much for something I did not ask for. Again I said to myself just chill and pay up. I handed her my card she said “We only take cash for items less than a R100” (she’s testing me right)”I don’t have cash I protested (I really didn’t) Okay she said, almost grabbing my card and marching towards the counter. Two minutes later ‘peep, peep’ R140 has been reserved for purchases at…..
If I were to say the salon lady is not nice, that would be an understatement. OH did I mention that I tried to sell her the hair extensions that I am selling, I am sure you can guess what the response was, if there was any. Maybe she is nice it’s not her it’s me who has a problem, how dare I expect her to treat me like I was paying when she is merely doing me a favour by making sure that my son has nicely shaved head every second week. If anything I should be in there ,singing her praises for doing such a service to our community, do I have any idea how many people she sees in a day? But why do I keep punishing myself? Is convenience that important, I mean I could go to any other salon, except that’s the only one that’s closest to me? I am not a psychologist or let me say I know nothing about human behavior and what drives people to behave in a particular fashion at times.
However I have worked with people before, I still do. I remember when I was a student I couldn’t get waitressing jobs, but I signed up at student wise doing promotions etc. that was bliss. It was easy money except for when one had to be up at 3:30 AM so you can be at your intersection handing out flyers from 4:30.Our agent believed that their target at the time were top executives who were the first people on the road to reach the office before everyone else. “No taxis please cars only just cars, she would tell us during briefing. That was nothing except that you were not allowed to leave your intersection until you have had handed out all 4000 flyers, never mind that you had a lecture that starts at 8:30 40 kms away 3 taxis followed by a walk up Buitengracht street.

Of course that’s nothing compared to a salon owner that’s servicing most of Wilgehewel,Littlefalls,Radiokop,Allens Neck’s ethnic hair. After all who said customer was king? Excellent customer service…What are you talking about??Customer first say what? What rights what for?


I wish I could tell her that – It’s really not a bad life, Just a bad day….You know the famous quote that goes like “Be nice to everyone you meet….” something along those lines, I don’t think that lady has ever heard that I should print it frame it and give it to her as a gift.


One thought on “..How I wish I could tell her…

  1. why are some people devoted to make one’s life miserable ? when a little nothing could make it brighter … do we need that ?

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