…Dance on…

…If there’s one exercise I enjoy more than others at the gym is spinning i think it has more to do with the music in a group session because if I spin by myself I don’t enjoy it as much. However soon as they play music that I don’t like as much suddenly the energy just disappears, to get back to the grove of things I have to remind myself that it’s all about me if I want to look OK never mind GOOD then putting in the effort is what I need to do. And then it hit me today I’ve never needed Oprah like I did just so I can let her know that I too did get the uha moment. Well mine hasn’t been philosophical or spiritual at least not yet. As I was busy working out this morning I could not help but compare life to music.

See I grew up around people who loved music all kinds, maybe not all kinds but the ones that we were familiar with. Some songs would be so catchy such that you couldn’t help but fall instantly. I remember my late cousin (May his soul rest in peace) how he loved Snako dance he would play it so loud I would hear it from the corner of the street coming back from school, and I would know that day he is in a good mood. It was a love and hate relationship>>> I hated that he played the music so loud I mean the entire street would know where it was coming from, but I would find myself playing the very same music when he wasn’t around(not as loud). It was the kind you needed not to dance to, just listen and be lost in it. I am no music fundi I’m not even sure if it would be classified as African Jazz or Temporary Jazz, what I do know though is that music was soothing.

And then there is my other cousin who liked (still does by the way) ‘umbhaqanga’ and some Sotho songs , I would be flinching, rolling my eyes and thinking is it not enough that we are not in the rural now we must bring all that music wherever we are. Silly me how could I have not known that our music is an extension of who we are. The very same me who never really liked that mbaqanga find herself listening to it.

How can I forget my mom’s favourite Gospel. Her favourite Lusanda Gospel singers, the teenager in me would be thinking ‘really mom from church to church right at home AGAIN’. How does a child become so cynical, what went wrong with me? Why could I not enjoy the music then? (I would be saying to myself ‘come on now be a good kid listen to what your mom listens to, and if you listen often enough you will like it you’ll see’)Isn’t it funny though that as much as I had a different preference to music when it comes to Gospel but when I really need to connect I go back to the very same songs that used to irk me back in Sunday school. In hindsight as much as I would just sing for the sake of it, it’s only now that I get to see the deep meaning and the connection that the authors had with their creator.

Fast forward >>>>I am finding life to be no different from our household, sometimes you choose what you want to listen to, at most it gets thrown at you or you just find yourself at it(whatever it is)



1. You don’t have to like all the music you hear but remember some songs don’t need you to dance just listen you might pick up a thing or two.

2. You don’t have to be a good dancer to learn the best moves just move at your own pace perfection comes with time.

3. Usually the songs that are not so nice seem to be the lengthiest >>>>DANCE on because you know at the end of the bad ones the Good ones await. Life will not always play the music you like or one that you can dance to but you cannot stop dancing….Even the worst of the songs don’t last forever…



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