….A walk along Fricker Road….Operation Fricker

Image….A walk along Fricker Road – Operation Fricker…

So what did you get up to today? Mmh let me see, oh well the usual, and what will that be?uuhhmm was up at 03:00AM (because lately I  can’t seem to sleep past that even if I go to bed  at 2:58 AM) at 6:00AM woke my son up to prepare him for school 6:30 off we went dropped him off at school, back to the house then I’m on  my computer  job searching, making calls in between since 8 only taking halts to drink water and go to the loo.Wow sounds like a dream, really a dream? Yeah how can I forget since I was two I have always dreamed of being a house wife are you kidding me? what beats starting your day  by – dropping kids off at school – a smile here and there for this mom and that dad-then off you go to the gym – catch up with other housewives over coffee(paint dry)kids back from school lunch is prepared- help them with homework while you prepare dinner and whoolah day is over…awesome!!

Problem with my not so perfect picture is that I am not at home out of choice, and no heck no!!! I never dreamed of being a stay at home mom eeeeuuhhh, not that there’s anything wrong with being a stay at home mom it’s just not for me.Yes I don’t see how it can be dull raising little presidents and tomorrow’s leaders, while watching reruns and maybe gossiping the day away…oh and sharing notes on how to’s and recipes.

I have always thought that finding a perfect partner was hard work until I had to look for a job. At one point you want to follow the — >if it looks like a wild beast and everyone is chasing after it ,then it must be lunch. But then again you take a step back and you go like “hang on a second” it’s more than just a job search, you cannot keep making the same mistakes of taking a job just so you can pay the bills, it has to be an almost perfect fit(how often does that happen though). As much as an organisation will scrutinise you to see if you can fit in with the organisational culture, you as an individual you have to do the same thing, for instance look at the values of the said organisation do you share the same. It’s one thing for an organisation to be in business to maximise shareholders wealth amongst other things, their core values have to be something that I can relate to/with. It is one thing having them on paper in black and white but do they practise what they say they are about? Things like Dependability, Honesty, Thinking differently, Consistency etc. People are the most valued assets of any organisation the life engine thereof?


This past week I prepared myself to take a different approach into this important search have been chatting to this friend of mine and he has been very supportive, thinking of ways that I haven’t thought of, coming up with suggestions and I am really grateful for that. Just like any other emerging economy South Africa is jam-packed with possibilities particularly in the field of financial services, Investments, Private Equities, Manufacturing, Mining amongst other things, surely it can’t be that hard for someone with a financial background to secure employment.

Research done (check),Value proposition intact (Check)…Its  Monday morning alarm goes off, get the usual out of the way, put on my’ pick me up no matter what mood song’ and——> off I went to Fricker Road determined to start from #1 Fricker Road right down to the last number knocking from door to door. Well I could not go to door I mean it would take me almost three days to do that. Anyway as much as I was in that whole spirit of seriously knocking from door to door I could not help but admire the whole area. The atmosphere is totally different, it’s definitely not as busy as Sandton, and one could see herself thriving in that environment. If you are coming from Bompas Road one of the few firms you see first that takes about half the entire Illovo Boulevard is Webber Wentzel .Fricker Road is like our little Silicon Valley just in Investments, Head quartering companies like(Maponya Investments, CEA Mining,Ethos,1st Avenue,Craton Capital, Convergencepartners, Total, BSG, Equator Nodus, Medu Capital,Bravura,Toepfer international et al ) as opposed to Tech as far as SV is concerned, I will not mention the Wall street looks, very polished individuals even the way they walk tells you that there are about purpose ( If you know what I mean).Anyway concentrate you see why you still on the search you look at things that don’t matter I mean come one. Let me drive down up and down then up again. No let me rather go about it alphabetically, No wait let me just pick an easy one, okay wait google SOME MORE no there’s no time just pick ONE and go. Hang on a second I had planned this so nicely why is it all so complex now? Come on! women up you won’t die if anything you will build your search muscle, what’s the worst that you will get? a No right.Gate 1 – Sawubona bhuti, yebo,I am going to company Y,blank stare,well can I go in?

Security guy  -Do you have an appointment?

Me – No

Security – Then you cant sisi ngiyaxolisa( I apologise)

Silence from both of us

Me “oh yaze yamnandi lengoma le uyilalele

Security – “Silence a little scarier stare

Security –“Sisi can you move your car so I can let the person behind you in

Me –“ Yes I will but I just need to go see Mpho sorry I had forgotten her name earlier (this is now after a quick google into the companies webpage for the umpteenth time.

Security – goes through his big black book, calls mumbles something puts the phone down returns to me, “But she is not expecting anyone by your name moss?

Me – ‘Really? She must have forgotten can I please go in?

Long story short, after spending about twenty minutes trying to by-pass the security guard at the gate, I am finally in now being meshed by the receptionist.Sho this is hectic by the time I get to speak to a relevant person I doubt that I will still have my voice #methinks#PATIENCE is definitely one muscle that I will come out stronger in . Anyhow after the receptionist managed to cut me down to size to a point where she explained to me what an underscore is , I left without finishing taking down the so called info at underscore(you know the thing that lookslike a minus? She said) that’s when I decided to leave with the little dignity if I still had any left, as I walked out that door with the receptionist shaking her head at me while sizing me up and down I could feel small pieces of my self-respect dwindling off with each step I took. The car felt like it was 10kms away even though I parked right by the door. As you have guessed it I gave it a good go, crying that is, I CRIED. You know the warm tears that just fall uncontrollable I had those. Could have been the fact that the receptionist looked at me and made up her mind that because I am approaching the company that she works for directly instead of sending my CV through the black hole I DIDN’T know what an underscore is –WoW…Can it get any worse?

The moment you out of that horrible situation you get a call from a friend and she is going on and on about how much work she has, how she can’t even go out for lunch …Are you kidding me? Are you serious right now? After she’s decanted her heart out for an hour all she could offer is – Chomi maybe you shouldn’t be too picky nawe just take whatever you can get.Riiiight, are you aware that even a rejection email feels like an achievement right at this point in my life, because it means that someone actually took the time to go through my application, with the exception of the most recent rejection that I received it went something like “ Dear A…Thank you for your interest in the…… Opportunity .We were fortunate to have received numerous applications from suitable candidates.  After careful consideration with reference to project requirements and skills alignment, we regret to inform you that we will not proceed with your application for this role now. We believe you have excellent professional experience and we will keep your CV on file for suitable opportunities in future. Best wishes in the future and for your current job search” isn’t it nice when you get rejected, and then they wish you well all in one breath. The problem though is that I did not apply for any job I had simple forwarded an email to someone in the Engineering field as requested by the very same sender, who now got her junior to send out rejection letters I mean what is that?

“But are you trying everything, what I mean is have you been to all the good recruitment agencies?” And I starting citing them out, “okay good something will come up soon I mean it has to”. How is your CV structured? Do you send your CV with a covering letter? Do you dress appropriately for the interviews? Do you know how to answer the “why should we hire you”question? How about the salary one? Do you pray before you go? And your hair do you tire it up in a nice neat bun? No coffee breath right? Have you read the book with 100 most asked interview question? You know they even provide answers you just need to tell the interviewer what they need to know friend… me thinks and what will that be?

So day one in Fricker Road I only managed to approach two companies, so that would be four in total if I add the two that I went to before I gave this a name that is – Operation Fricker Road. Day two did not turn out as bad atleast I went pass very nice front desk people and so the search continues and so it will until the fattest lady sings…


I have tried applying for the most basic positions where not even a grade 12 was a prerequisite, the very bottom of the bottom I mean floor sweeping entry types, if I knew how to clean other people’s houses I would try that too but I cant.I remain hopeful. The philosophy that I go by now is – If they don’t get the person that I am then then don’t deserve me.If they don’t see the value in what I have to offer then that’s fine, someone will eventually…


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