There is just something about the early hours of the morning, a certain promise that seems to curtail its self with the stillness of the morning. It’s about 3:38 Wednesday morning and I decided to take a drive just for fun, okay maybe not for fun it’s the thing I do sometimes when I need to clear my head. I bet you if I was in the homelands this behaviour of mine will be associated with witchcraft, Yes otherwise why would a normal person be up so early except for being keenly involved within the ‘dark world’ you know the whole shebang about flying with a broom stick or using a loaf of unsliced bread as means of transportation to go and steal people to have them later on as supper…Whatever twisted nonsense. ANYHOW!!!. And so I wander about, just me, the road driving nowhere slowly I ve driven here so many times than I can remember, however every time when I’m on these slow drives it’s like everything is new must be the quietness, the fact that there’s no traffic rush allows one time to appreciate even the things you would miss during the morning or the evening rush. I remember one time my friend and I we were driving from Polokwane to Johannesburg round about the same time, 3 ish in the morning, somehow the hills and the small valleys that we drove pass on our way to Polokwane seemed more beautiful then, than they did when we were going, must have had something to do with us not rushing much to go back to Johannesburg. We were in so much awe such that we found ourselves praising and praying .The thing is- if you like me, processing too many thoughts sometimes leads to a rather scary place it just becomes too much  to handle I suppose that’s when praise and prayer will kick in(for me ie)

Anyway as I drive on towards N1 North  one car passes driven by an only male driver and I thought to myself where is he coming from or where is he going to ?the possibilities were endless but my mind said – That’s a married bachelor right there. A married bachelor is a married man acting single, or a man living two separate lives. Spending the whole day at work few hours after at the mistresses house then drives home before dawn so that the kids can wake up to daddy in the morning. No this is not something that I ve made up, it is unquestionably NOT me being over imaginative but it really happens, you do get Married bachelors. Just the other day a friend of mine asked me if I knew any places where she could learn how to play golf, so I said to her try world of Golf in Woodmead and she was like” hell No that place is full of them married bachelors they are so not cool I don’t even want to, no friend big yawn I can’t deal” So you see I’m not the only one who have heard stories about married bachelors, So as the black ML 3 something passed by shaking my little car into the far end of the road I decided to agree with my mind – Married Bachelor rushing to get homein time before breakfast – you know family that eats breakfast together stays together right…

The whole point of these drive is so I could clear my head but Eiy what can I say we see people we don’t even know ,yet we form stories and put them in little compartments  somewhere  based on nothingness it’s  life. Anyway back to the drive, before I could give the guy walking past a name I get distracted by a board on the side of the road paint written in bold

VALENTINES SPECIALS – NO VALENTINE YET? LET US HELP YOU CALL 08085508606….Wait a minute but it’s still January moss why so much pressure come on!!! Give us a break; our minds are still caught up in Jan worries why go spoil that with this now? Valentine’s day already geez I panic do I have a red outfit somewhere in my closet uuuuuhhhmmm pretty sure I can put something together. This now just throws me off completely, I never knew what violets were until a boy in my class in standard 4(that would be grade 6 for you young ones) gave me some hand written note in some jumbled paper that use to be white before he scribbles ‘violets are blue, roses are red blab la bla be my Valentine…Excuse me why? My parents are my Valentine(s) that’s what the teacher told us, make out a card to someone whom you love dearly and couldn’t not imagine life without, tell them how much they mean to you and so on and so forth – and that for me had to be my parents, now why this boy’s gonna go and asks me to be his Valentine, what’s the deal? Beats me. As I grew though the meaning to Valentine’s Day started to change. I have gone from hating the day to loving it, loving it to hating it to being indifferent about it .I still find’ Valentine’s Day’ the movies funny and chick flicky but I won’t go out of my way to watch that specific movie on February 14.There were times in my life where I would base an entire relationship on a piece of chocolate, a white cup decorated with red hearts and red and white fluffy teddy bear, if we were dating and you didn’t get me none of those on Vday then that was it – Hello how do I fly with a person who doesn’t understand why love should be celebrated on a specific day, set by some clever folks as the day to show a person how much you loved them. At times when I hated it I am telling you if someone were to ask me to throw an ‘I hate Valentine’s day party’ I would have dig deep in my son’s school saving account, bring in the piggy bank too just so I can show who ever wanted to see or listen how much my life sucked, albeit no one ever asked me neither have I heard of one ‘I hate Valentine’s day party’ what for?

 However I have heard a friend once saying “ Who me celebrate Valentine’s day friend never see I am not fooled V-day is just another gimmick brought  to us by the westerners its nothing more than a money making schemes, Do you know how the malls get buzzing before the so called Love day? It just so they can get people to spend money they don’t have”…REALLY?

“My little man is my Valentine’s he’s my life so excuse me I don’t need a man to celebrate this day with Iam content God blessed me with the most precious somebody ever oh how I love my son” uuuhhhmmm really little man huh? Is there a little bit of bitterness there or is it just me.Okay I get it you have a son, you are a single mom and proud and now that you are a single mom with a little bundle you don’t need a man really??

“Well in my house its Valentine’s day every day, isn’t that right my love”( In goes the kissing and touching, looking each other in the eye type of a situation) Yes honey it is replies the ever so reluctant but I will say anything in front of people just so I can keep the peace husband.Isnt she the one who called the other friend at 2 crying because the loving hubby got home at 1 dronk and when asked where he was from beat the same Its Valentine’s day everyday wife into a pulp? These kind of set up makes me uncomfortable sometimes but I smile because my friend is happy she eats joy everyday…Wow

So I took down the number promising myself to call who knows I might just get a James Dean of my own . A Jayzet maybe that will lead me to utter something like  “I’m Ike, Turner, turn up / Baby no I don’t play / Now eat the cake, Anna Mae / I said eat the cake, Anna Mae” as per the popular ‘Drunk in love song”

Wait could I be worth a chocolate only I mean just a chocolate???


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