…Healthy body equals healthy mind and eventually healthy relationships…

So I’ve been told that if you look well after your body it will do the same for you and you will be a happy Lolo

…I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions, I wish I did but I don’t like much routine I could resolve to go on a strict diet but a day or two later I will be bored, however if there are things that I will do this year more than I have ever done in my life would be to read more and exercise as often as I can.But then again going on a strict diet might not be such a bad idea  could be fun right I mean there are far too many ways to skin a cat, one of which would be to go on a fast; Daniel fast 40 days , of just prayer and eating veggies once a day. It’s tempting but Lord knows I know better than to use God’s mighty name in vain so fasting as means to losing weight is out – a time and a place for everything. So after dropping my son off at school this morning was flying headed for the gym, no I wasn’t flying was driving within the speed limits, but I tell you taxi drivers had nothing on me this morning, I’m not proud but hey sometimes you do what you have to do. There was no way I was missing Bianca’s boot camp to be followed by an hour of spinning. Like my friend said the other day if something must break while you exercising so be it, she put it in a funny way in vernacular which I can’t repeat here…

As expected I’m not the only one who is determined on this “team fitness asijiki campaign”,I wriggled to find parking, what is happening it’s a Thursday for crying out loud not a Monday why is there no parking space? But why am I surprised? In between wedding, imigidi, thanks- giving ceremonies, parties to celebrate new cars, new jobs etc, of course the gym will be packed, it’s not new after all. I mean December is ,December we go home to celebrate anything and everything that is worth celebrating and Yes ,you go big or go home and we don’t shy away from food never. Anyway back to class it turned out I was right on time for boot camp, but eish I need to stop this thing it’s not me though it’s my mind it has a tendency of working overtime, instead of it concentrating on what I’m at the gym for its like I keep hearing voices pointing me in different directions, look at that, now look at that one. What on earth are models doing at the gym? Putting us all to shame come on- working out what, bones really? I am not hating on models after all I almost turned into one in my first year at varsity, if it wasn’t for the make-up and wigs that I hated I would have continued for a while doing it as a side thingy of course. Lord Jesus these girls be swinging this way and that as if they are on the run way isn’t this supposed to be a sweat den? Now look at that one, how much food did he have to eat to be that big? Oh-okay its big bones right? And then I remember him saying to me the other day “Andz please stop complaining I’ve seen big people at the gym so big such that even gym can’t do nothing for them “so I tell my mind to stop, not before it points out to me how the eyes of the dude in red tee were fixed on the women with a tight squeeze me till it hurts bra underneath a white tee. Me thinks is he starring because he feels sorry for the poor breasts or is he wondering this and that( pheww not that it matters) Anyways I like Bianca more than I like her classes/sessions I mean she is beyond hot, HER BODY BANGS RIGHT,  forget triceps and biceps think all of that and multiply it by ten, and she’s tall, so not fair.Shes got this husky voice, when she said to me this morning “Your work-out give it 100%,healthy body, healthy mind and healthy relationships right” I literally picked my jaw off from the floor wasn’t listening was just looking at her, when she moves it’s like her body has springs in it,I don’t know what magic is but I could swear its closer to this.As Rihanna’s we young and we got right now ‘played in the background I rode that bike like I have never done before if something has to break it better break now  – team fitness. Yeah yeah! I know it’s not going to be an overnight success but I sure will give each exercise my 100% would want to disappoint Bianca – of course it’s not for her but me I’m just sayin.

I managed to go for the planned time finished each exercise I attempted, as I look forward to the gain of the pain. As I walk down the stairs to the showers my mind points out something to me which I managed to ignore. Women though and walking naked around each other with no care in the world nothing none whatsoever. I sometimes wonder how it’s like in the man’s (chuckles) Do man like share the Sauna room with 3 to 4 different strangers all without clothes (eeuuww). OH and the Sauna conversations (big yawn) why do older women befriend younger women only to have a screaming match at each other while naked nog (so not a good sight for my fragile young eyes) To say that I had a good work out today will be an understatement…

Here’s to healthy minds, body and relationships….


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