Must be the Faith with works that makes people eat grass…



Is it Faith without works…how does that verse read again?

I have said this before and I am going to say it again is there’s anything that has lied to black people is religion. Hear me well and hear me good. It just makes my blood boil to see how gullible we can be I mean really. So yesterday as I was laughing at a twar(twitter war) between a former South African reserve bank governor and a former COSATU General secretary, I bumped into some rather disturbing pictures on Clayson’s timeline. Disturbing how you might ask. Well it’s a church the disturbing part for me is the way people worship by eating grass. On their knees like cows, sheep and goats grazing at the green grass, yes that’s how this congregation worship. Maybe I would laugh it off if it were not black people, but I’ve seen far too many of us doing some slightly eccentric things all in the name of God.its Deep…

Now growing up church was part of our daily lives, when I say daily I mean Monday to Sunday matter of fact. It was not nice because it meant that we were not so cool, I mean coming back from school doing homework then off to church for choir practise this or that every day. The good thing about that childhood is that it shielded us from a whole lot of things that we could have been involved in, township lifestyle is hard as you might be aware I suppose church was always a better option than drug, drinking, boys etc. for that I have nothing but greatest gratitude to my parents. Why not keep busy with sport, in trying to balance things out; oh well where we would play with yards as tiny as some people’s bathrooms and no sporting facilities not even at school. This though doesn’t mean that we took everything as it was dished to us, when it comes to religion of course we had questions some we would voice and some, oh well let’s just say where better left uncanvassed I knew better. I remember one day though I asked my dad why he did not believe in witch doctors as in muti, sangomas etc, my father was like “come on how on earth would I believe somebody who stayed in a shack just like I did, how could I believe that he had any powers to make me rich, if he did possess such powers wouldn’t he start by getting himself out of a shack first? In protest I would say but dad you normally say that igqirha alizinyangi moss in fact you would say that people who are builders who build beautiful houses prefer not to live in mansions but just build for others? My father would dismiss me on some “I don’t want a case where I stop talking to my family, because some inyanga believes that they are bewitching me, the next thing I know if I go to a sangoma that person will tell me that my wife or my sister is bewitching, because they are jealous of a car I don’t have, what do I do then? Those people know nothing he would say. I don’t give up that easily I would then ask about church and my dad would ask me “Have you ever seen any man laying his hands on me? I would answer with a hesitant No but the truth of the matter is I have never seen my dad having any pastor or priest ,reverend whatever laying hands to pray over  him ,besides  it was not part of our religion as Methodist , I had never seen it anywhere else except later on in life and on TV. Kodwa tata the bible says , yes the bible say whatever but what I am saying is if I need anything I will ask God myself I have a mouth don’t I? Yes dad you do, don’t I have my own knees? You do tata,so why would I ask eny’indoda to pray for me when I can do it myself?

While going through these pictures of this church I am thinking why, but why it’s like we get a kick out of being the laughing stock to the nations. How is eating grass going to help you, you are a human being not a cow you don’t feed off grass.Heres a church based in Garankuwa about 2 hours away from Johannesburg near Rustenburg.Rusternburg not so long ago police exterminated over 34 mine workers who were on strike. As sad as that was part of it was that ; the mine workers apparently went to an inyanga who told them that they shouldn’t run when facing the police(who were trying to control the protest) even if being short at because the muti that he had used in them was stronger than any bullet, no bullet on earth could pass through it but look at what happened later on. It’s the saddest thing I tell you.This church that has me palpating oh high Here’s a snippet from their Facebook page :

The ministry Started In November 2002, (not by might or by power but by the Spirit of God). As A Single Young Man Senior Teacher and Pastor Lesego listened to the word of God and started the ministry.Description.When God shows you a vision he makes you to see the end not the challenges you will face or how you will reach there.As he did with Abraham Promising him the land of milk and honey.Through prayer and fasting and dwelling in the word ,Pastor Lesego was able to minister to a small congregation comprising of young people and elders without music instruments and other important things .He realised that most ministries have drifted away from what Jesus Christ was doing , as they do not focus on teaching but preaching for a few minutes and as such they do not give people a lasting solution.He was faced With Persecutions and ridicule from Local Pastors around the area of Garankuwa ,though persecutions is continuing the Lord has increased the standard and we are growing day by day. “We do not believe in having committees or church board, because in the past many churches split and/or board members create unholy friendships and become religious thus fought with the vision by not producing the fruits of the spirit because of planning and strategising and stronger every day and God is proving his word to be faithful always .”

Now I wasn’t there when this man heard God’s voice so I will not deny that he is indeed sent by God, but seriously now how is making vulnerable people eat grass a lasting solution? Yes the Israelites at some point were living on manna which was provided by God from heaven as we are told. In this case we talking lawn, grass planted by mere beings? Blaming the pastor alone will be blasphemer of me, the congregation has to take some share of the blame, but here’s a thing; people are troubled out there. They will believe anything and everything just to get by in life. Though I haven’t been to this church (and never will I set my foot there) it will not surprise me to hear that people have to pay to graze this grass. On top of it all the ‘Man of god’ has to stomp on these people to release what is believed to be Holy Spirit, I’m talking from young to old while  on the ground pastors gets a feel of walking on water I mean walking on people(forget the dry land while crossing the red sea). The pastor doesn’t believe in strategy ,church committee  etc, yet the church has a face book page with over 12000 followers ,daily status updates,2239 people talking about the page(the last I checked which was today) This morning he was interviewed on some of the national radio stations, spreading the gospel alright.( really??) I would assume that if you believe in the old way of doing things or rather doing things the way Christ did, you’d stay away from technology right? What is more upsetting in all this the women who I suppose is the wife to the pastor is nowhere nigh the  grass instead she assembles in a rather expensive looking chair while dressed in what looks like designer clothes (Shaking my head).

What needs to happen for my people to see the light? I know desperation makes people do things ,I know I have been desperate before I also know that while you are in that state of desolation your mind is always fully functional. How do we then let people lie to us like this? Perhaps we have way too much time in our hands such that we don’t know how best to utilise it? I have nothing against people believing whatever they want to Faith in. It just pains me to see people going crazy over a promised overnight prosperity…




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