ImageImageImageSo we live a life like a video when the sun is always out and you never get old and the Champagne’s always cold and the music always good…so let’s just stay in the in the moment forever young is in your mind. Leave a mark that can’t be erased by neither space nor time…

You know that feeling when you feel really good about something, at the same time feeling rather anxious? That’s how I felt when I left my house Sunday morning to catch the first flight out of Lanseria to Cape Town. Feeling anxious had nothing to do with the fact that December 1st is the world aids day no, and no I am not the type that follow masses much, so no I don’t get tested (HIV status) every 1st of December no. This had more to do with the fact that I was meeting a potential investor, yes I had to squish in into their busy schedule – hello I’m the one in need right. Needless to say  meeting didn’t go as well as I have hoped it would, but no way was I going to waste such a beautiful day sulking about a could have.

As I am about to right this I feel like I am betraying him, off I was driven from Cape Town to Francshoek feeling like a tourist in my home town. Much as I have spent more than 20 years of my entire life in the Cape, I must admit I have never really reconnoitred it that much, every time I touch down I stand in awe of how beautiful a City it is. It could have well been a perfect summer mid-morning; beaming sun, stunning mountains, lovely trees everything beautiful even the air felt fresher more crisp. Some visuals aren’t meant to be described; they just have to be experienced. You can try but the description will never do much justice. As we drove past the vineyards in Klapmuts along Huguenot road we passed a group of cyclers, and I had to I remind myself not to forget; 2014 if I am still in Johannesburg I am definitely doing 94.5 cycling tournament. (I know, I don’t have to be in Jozi to enter but hey). Anyway I reached my destination and there he was waiting for me, is it even legal for anyone to be this hot? I mean is it even allowed?

Somebody somewhere said “ Love your life, make it real, fun , and amazing , do it well and take care of it” Who ever said that the best things in life are free, I want to meet that person and give him or her a medal, honour her/him because that person right there nailed it. I will not bore you with brunch details, etc but allow me to try and describe the atmosphere that was going on in this small town.

Franschoek – Even though most people don’t speak French, many of the street names and wine farms in the ‘French Quarter’ have French names even the buildings are French inspired, so you can envisage how the vibe is. In my little book Franschoek is South Africa’s Capital when it comes to spectacular food and wine. With just two years running ‘ Magic of Bubbles’ CAP Classique promises to be the one of Cape Town biggest event ,this could very well give J&M Met a run for their money. This year’s theme was – black and white (Lol how ironic) with emphasis on spots and stripes. Whenever there’s a theme trust me people don’t shy away from showing off their creativity, Magic of bubbles was no exception. Why on earth women insist on wearing sky scrapers in a lawn is just beyond me .Oh well had he not said to me “we need to get you a pair of flats if you don’t have one with you now” I would have fallen a victim of uncomfortable Stiletto’s too. I must say though elegance was the order of the day, even old folks didn’t hold back – there was one in particular that stood out for me, he adding do his dotted outfit, he had a dotted walking stick with ( I found that to be cool). How I wished I had my camera with me to capture every moment. I know I’m failing dismally at giving the best description, I am all over the place, but that’s just my nature I am always all over the place.

My mind operates better in photos I think.

What is Cape Town without the waterfront? We ended off the day with dinner at one of the best Restaurants at the waterfront – Sevruga .Now this guy knows everything there is to know about oysters; I suspect he has a fishing background. In the spirit of ‘Forever young – True Sag spirit’ I had to try Oysters for the very first time ever. Yeah, yeah I know late bloomer blab la blah, but seriously where have I been? O M G L O V E T H E M…



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