….small Decisions

I swear even on weekends one never respites. It’s Saturday morning around 6 and I’m up already. It is not voluntarily but my darling neighbours (can the body corporate chase them out already). I have witnessed people fight but for that to be an everyday exercise it’s beyond enervation even for a spectators like me .I could never for the life of me understand this women’s discerning, I tell you no lies, the guy has told her more than a hundred times to leave him the eff alone an d get the eff out of his house, but no she keeps coming back for more curses, verbal and emotional must be electrifying to her. Well so I wake up grudgingly, purring some curses which I’d rather not say. If dude downstairs was black the women would have gotten the message a long time ago. (Black dudes don’t play like that) Before you crucify me for using the word Black all the time let me explain this.
I live in South Africa, Gauteng to be exact in a small area called Ruimsig which is in the Northern Suburbs of Gauteng more closer to West Rand. (Ruimsig by the way is an Afrikaans word which I have no clue what it means).It’s almost 20years post 1994 the year in which South Africa moved from being an Apartheid ran country into Democracy.( I am certain there is a better word for this but for now we will leave it here) Wait this is not a history lesson but the point I am trying to make is that if you see me using a lot of the word black or white in reference to skin colour please understand that in as much as we would like to believe otherwise colour still matters yes it does. It is evident in the places we live in, work in, play in, shop in etc. By denoting to a white person white or a black person black I am not being a racist (maybe I am) it is just how things are around here. Of cause we are a young democratic country it is going to take a while for us not to see colour and I am in no way perpetuating separation, if anything I am the most open minded person I know, being that as it may I still see colour so just bear with me while reading my posts. Thought I should clear that up.
Now that is out of the way back to my Saturday morning, I got caught up in tiding the house didn’t realise time was flying when I noticed it was after 9 and oops I have my sons open day at his new school. Jesus I start to panic and I’m thinking they will be thinking ,oh there she goes black people and time, the child is not even at school yet the mother rocks up late for an open day( how is that for first impressions)who does that? To top it all, she doesn’t look like a decent mother (poor child). I mean who wears dungarees and all-star sneakers to an open day at a Christian school nog, what happened to shift dresses and pearls hair worn up in a nice proper bun? It’s going to be fun watching the child being dropped off by a mother who will forever be running late. Now this is a bad habit of mine but I think it has more to do with me being a single mom than being a black person (right). It has to, think about it, okay wait maybe; just maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that I am a second born child. Okay fine I don’t know but I am bad when it comes to keeping time. Yes I did the walk of shame sneaking in while headmaster is 10 minutes into his welcome speech, sigh. Was rescued from my embarrassment and shame by the arrival of three other families, wanna guess what race they were with the exception of one family that happened to be Indian?
I am totally bad when it comes to making decision about important things in my life, I take forever. What I do is rip the situation apart look at all the pros and cons, think and re think sometimes consult with my people,——those will be my dad, mom, my friends et al, at most though the decision is already made in my mind but for the life of me I always feel like I have to go past these people and then finalise my decision. See I’ve been to the school twice already, today is the third time. I like the school, the farmish( farm like) environment and the teachers, my worry was how will my son cope. Will he fit in? Coming from a class of eight where individual attention is sure-fire to a class of twenty. The second time I visited the school I went scratching my head wondering how on earth was I going to afford to buy a laptop for a 6 year old, couldn’t eat the entire afternoon I doubt I slept that night. I remember the following day I had a convo with him and being the calm person that he is, he never understood why I was panicking, never mind the money my biggest worry was isn’t a computer going to mess up my son developing brain cells, I mean he’s young. Yes I am paying for ‘computer classes’ even now at the current school, however every time I ask him what they did in computer class he says they played, it’s no biggy now because the computers belong to the school and the fee hasn’t left a hole in my bank account yet ,plus they just play in that class. Kodwa nkosi yam to buy a ‘good brand’ (as per headmaster’s words) for him to carry to and from school every day iyhoo hay no.
I understand its 2013 technology is the biggest part of what we do every day. So I tossed and turned around this, went to see other school which I didn’t like much, I even went as far as thinking, Yes home schooling, oh no I wouldn’t want my son to be a social retard no ways, home schooling not an option. The penny dropped one day when I was reading ‘Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean in. While we in South Africa thinking that a six year old is too young to understand computers, in China a six year old can do programming yes something I old as I am cannot do. Stanford University offers computer camps in Silicon Valley that offers a wide variety of day or overnight camp experiences, to seven and eighteen year olds they can choose from video game production, computer programming, filming, special effects, and web design. Of cause not every child will be a geek or a computer genius ,however if we are serious about education, developing African talent so that Africa can solve its own problems there are a number of fundamental things that need to change in our current curriculum. Being backwards is not going serve us or our kids any good. In as much as they will not be programming or coding, but by the time they get to varsity they will be much prepared than we were in our time. : Programming is just writing in the language of computers, so why not teach kids to code like we teach them to write? So as the headmaster was explaining the need for each child to have their own computers I silently said to myself…
….Let it go it can’t be that bad its 2013 if anything it might just do your child more good than bad. Yes as you might have guessed it, the decision has been made school has been chosen…
Now off to meeting a client in Eastgate mall. As I leave I say to MJ ‘Guess what she says she’s a 34 I bet you she’s a 36/38’ I could never understand why women lie about their weight it is just beyond me, to mention how hard it makes my life be as I shop for them…Next will share on, a day in life of a personal shopper in South Africa.


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