When your heart speaks listen

When your heart speaks listen…better yet write
Today was no different from any of my Saturdays, meet up with only two clients business is really slow then classes in the afternoon. Received my mock script not too bad so I thought I deserve a pause after all I still need to put in 150 more hours before the final exam. So I text Anita and asked if we should do a movie or something as per usual we went back and forth about the venue and finally decided on Sandton. I don’t really like Sandton I would have preferred Hyde Park but then again I don’t like Numetro I prefer Sterkinekor so Anita won once again Sandton it was. Besides the fact that you look rather weird when you walk alone and a women like you on some fishing mission one of the reasons ( this is probably the only reason) I don’t like Sandton on a Saturday evening is that it gets a little hectic for my liking too much horde. I decided to pass time over a book at Exclusive books while waiting for Anita. I am on this Africana tip I don’t know where I’ve been to miss out on such brilliant writing —–> caught my eye I must remember to go back for this since the first 36 pages I read were quite remarkable.
Again choosing a movie to watch was an interesting task but I was not going to be bullied this time. No Anita not the Gravity I am not in the mood for a Sci-fi today, how about Baggage Claim that looks pretty cool and a little funny and besides it has familiar faces (and by familiar I meant a good amount of black people yes black) I have nothing against George Clooney or Sandra Bullock but just not this evening Gravity can wait .Needless to say Baggage claim won.
Synopsis: Determined to get engaged before her youngest sister’s wedding, flight attendant Montana Moore (played by Robin Thicke’s Mrs) finds herself with only 30 days to find Mr Right.
It would seem that Montana (Mo) is perfectly happy, Loves her job she get to travel the world meet new people, has her own apartment which happens to be right next to her bff’s that she grew up with and she has two gorgeous friends that she works with as flight attendants – A sassy obligatory best friend (Jill Scott) did I mention that she has a cleavage for years? Are those babies even real? A NO nonsense, no filter gay bestie (Adam Brody) A mother who has been married 5 times and she never fails to remind Mo of this, she of course doesn’t understand what is wrong with her daughter if she could do it five times why does she struggle so much to hold down a man surely it can’t be that rigid. Mo’s world comes crushing when the younger sister who is still in college by the way announces her engagement to her college athletic, straight A’s sweetheart. Hitherto Mommy dearest makes it her duty to retell Mo that she is going to be the maid of honour yet again (she would certainly make it to Guinness world records having been Maid of honour 9 times) It is at this stage where Mo decides to go on a mission to find Mr Right with only 30days before the rehearsal dinner she doesn’t have much time, she would need all the help she can get. Her Gay friend comes up with a brilliant plan. They track all of Mo’s ex’s well most of them with the advantage of working for an airline this proved easily enough.

Ex-number one(played by Trey songs) who I’m assuming Mo broke up with because he was a loser then appeared to have made something of himself music producer with a gorgeous apartment in New York which turned out to be his married girlfriend’s place so is the Range Rover that he was driving. Oops I forgot to mention that during this whole quest Mo is so desperate to a point where she hides in a garbage trash just to see if the charming Graham (Boris Kodje) isn’t cheating on her, it turns out Graham is married with a pregnant Mrs .

She doesn’t give up 14 days to go she ‘bumps’ into another ex of hers oops wait there’s two of them in one flight, well she goes for the misogynist politician running for Congress played by the ever ooh so hot Taye Diggs(—u dig).I’ve already declared that he’s a misogynist a controlling one at it, male chauvinist (black republican) .

And there is a dashing hotel magnet (Djimon Hounson) who has tried this marriage thing twice and doesn’t want to anymore instead he’s now looking for uumm for a lack of a better word I will use a travel buddy .

Let’s say after travelling more than 3000 kilometres or 30 000 miles Montana discovers that her Prince charming was right in front of her the William Wright played by the charismatic Derek Luke. So as we all know how movies end after giving a speech at her young sister’s rehearsal dinner discouraging her sister for getting married just to please her mom but instead she should it if it feels right with her, off she runs to catch her Mr Right who’s about to board a plane to Paris after a failed relationship with her two timing ex. Mo settles for the life of safety and serenity with William who runs his family construction business.
This will not even get a nomination for a movie of the year for me it’s just an okay movie, but it got me thinking. I don’t know how many similar movies I have watched in my life ,it always puzzles me how we women are always the ones racing against time to get married, kids and just lead a normal life it’s exhausting. Maybe it has a lot to do with how we are wired, for us fitting in seems like a custom. I don’t know if it’s only within the black community but I can hear my mom’s words echoing every time you don’t clean as spic and span as she would prefer she will always be on some I wonder uzotshatela phi who will marry you like that. It’s no wonder then that we grow up preparing ourselves for the marriage life. I overheard the lady that was sitting in obverse of me saying “me nkasi never I would have gone for the hotel magnet” and Iam thinking really. So this man has tried marriage twice and it did not work and he tells you straight that he doesn’t want to settle down instead he want to travel the world and while at it have something on the side (and that will be you the women) he is fulfilling his dream while you uuummhhm let’s see tag along lives in misery all in the name of what?
And you have the likes of the character played by Taye who would rather marry women just as a trophy and he will tell you that “well you know what they say, behind every successful man there’s a strong stronger women, but being strong sometimes means keeping quiet” Yes your opinions to yourself. Yes I will order your drink for you in front of my deep pocketed donor who’s about to fund my campaign, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not you drink it because this right here is all about me, you just need to be a women sit there and just nod and smile to everything I say. I will lead there are no equals here I am a man therefore I am superior and I know everything, and if my donor decides to double his contribution because of a silly joke you made that too is your fault, No I will not thank you because you should have kept your mouth shut. I am all for companionship, marriage and all but being reduced to a child who cannot think for herself, has no views, no frame of mind just be a women and agree with everything I do and say, heck I will even choose an outfit for you to wear if you are to accompany me to dinners and meetings, say what? Did I mention that he’s a misogynist male chauvinist, Where are we?
While I stroked the arm of the women sitting next to me because she couldn’t stop crying ( I suspect the tears had nothing to do with the movie in particular),I can’t remember which scene but for me there was nothing emotional there, none, we have seen all of that before. Though I strongly relate with Mo when she said “I was busy searching for a fiancé and guess what I found? I found me, I love me, I love my life.
I do too Mo I have done some pretty embarrassing things all in the quest of finding love, I have lowered my emele at times only to get the bitter end of the stick. Nobody or nothing defines anybody not marriage not relationship you are you before and after, and if a person out there is not going to appreciate me for who I am flaws and all guess what they don’t deserve me, heck you going to make me feel like I am doing something wrong by being me and loving you,

Get out of here…


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