I need to keep it zipped…

Maybe i should keep it zipped

I have been saying this for the longest time I really need to keep my mouth shut, my thoughts to myself or straight to paper. My mouth has gotten me in so much trouble since I was a kid this has to be some kind of an ailment or a curse or something. Get this I am a shy person naturally I truly am ,but for the strangest reason I just cannot keep anything to myself.

I remember when I was a kid, shame my poor cousin got a hiding all because of me. We went to the Eastern Cape from Cape Town during December holidays I must have been about 8 or 9. My dabs( my dad’s sister) was having a juicy conversation with my other aunt (my moms sister) you know old people’s conversation and staff cant remember what I was busy playing and in that convo, I over heard one of them saying : you see this one is fine shes playing here inside the house there’s a serial killer out there that  lures young kids with money only to kill them and use some of the victim’s body parts etc, <<——- a serious twisted thing like that. In my 8 year old mind I saw it fit to warn my cousin about this who also decided to warn a few of her own and within few hours the news were all over the village. It didn’t need a scientist to figure out where it all started. So me being me I did not deny any of what I said because I though I was doing justice and I didn’t understand what the whole fuss was about I mean what could be so wrong about warning other kids about some serious danger that they could possible run into. Well as you might have guessed it already I got the biggest hiding ever for saying something that I was not supposed to and my cousin too. What I still  didn’t get and still don’t is if there was truly a serial killer out there would it not have been fair for the whole village to know so that everyone can guard against their own?

I would like to believe that honesty is the best but apparently it’s not cool for people to be honest. I always wonder though why do people don’t really like hearing the truth, even telling it. By this I don’t mean to paint myself as an exemplary human being, however I would rather tell people——>>You actually look great in a dress than you do in pants. I am not deputy Jesus my word is not Gospel, I remember a few days ago I told a colleague she looked horrible with her hair short, apparently she didn’t receive that well and I am told this by another colleague she would have preferred it if I had phrased it better something like —–>>You look so different with your hair short. So I m thinking why? she wouldn’t have gotten it had I said that but anyway that’s just me, I would somewhat tell people those little truths that most people prefer to gloss over.

Well maybe I do take it a bit far this whole honesty thing, for instance this morning when my sister told me that she was spending the weekend at my other sisters instead of being on some aahh so going to miss you, I almost jumped for joy but I settled for oh wow that’s great I mean thats cool. I was the happiest because it meant that I would have the house all to myself ,wont have to chase her out from the lounge while she’s watching Mzansi or the Kardashians  so I could study. Not only do I voice my honest opinions sometime I act them out and that apparently is the worst. I suppose I have more downers but I would like to think that with any character trait there’s an upside to it as well just need to figure out what that is….



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