The lighter side of Grey

An old post from my old blog…On the lighter side of GREY…

We all know Grey to be a colour right, a colour so popular that last year we had millions and millions reading, not about the colour itself though but a certain bloke named Grey. No that’s not what I want to talk/write about today no, not 50 shades of grey enough already. Who would have thought that colour would have such an impact in society? That Christian had sisters reading I tell you, even my friends who would never ever think of getting a book, but the Grey colour transformed them, we thank Gaud for small mercies.

I want to talk about the grey area; you know the colour that’s between black and white you know how people would say, ‘well if it’s not black, its white honey there is no grey’. I suppose then I am the only one who is such a weirdo because I have been in the grey. I have been in the grey because I partly kind of found myself in it, well not partly scrap that I chose to be in the Grey I did it myself *shrugs*.See when it comes to relationships there are rules, a list of dos and don’ts, a set out criteria that one has to follow. It is also highly advisable by the people who claim to know it all, to never ever be in the Grey. What do I do? Well sometimes I tend to behave like the country that I live in when everyone else goes north way up I choose south,a complete opposite, don’t know why I do that if I was left handed I would blame it on having one kidney or whatever theories associated with left handed people (not picking on you lefties never).Back to the issue at hand, so beginning of this year I decided that I will be in the Grey (You know it’s that serious if it’s made to be a new year’s resolution right) Well my thinking was, this should be easy since everyone knows the rules of the game, so If I am going to be in the Grey area I would be somewhere in between. Knowing me this should have been second nature because that’s who I am an in-betweener, wait am I really? ME thinks. The underlying though so it was to act like a man (damn you Steve) isn’t that what they always do. Well I am not asking you out on a date, what I am saying really is, I would like to go out with you, and do the fun stuff, you know the bioscope, ice skating the works but let’s not give it a label shall we?. Honey if you have never heard those words you haven’t lived (take a passage).

So here I was in that area, I wanted everything that comes with a relationship without the label (and the nasty naughty) of course. Guess what when dudes say that lets not label it, this is what they mean (I don’t want you to be a side dish yet, I want to get to know you with a potential of dating, not now in the future maybe, well not sure when, well I want the option to walk if you turn out to be the loving type, what I mean is, maybe I do want to have the red velvet and eat it too) how confusing is this. They even take is a step further and do all that nonsense of texting the good mornings and good night how cheesy, (rolling eyes). I am not a feminist (whatever that is, nor am I a male basher, yes I would never be a women basher either).They will be on some ‘hey there’s this new place that opened a few blocks my crib, I hear they serve the best steak in town, so I wanted to try it out and I was wondering if you were free to check it out with me? If you thought that sounded like a guy asking a girl out, you are so wrong because that is what I thought too, but a clever friend of mine pointed it out, “do you see any mention of the word date there? I won’t lie I didn’t there was nothing there that said date so It’s the grey. Well I see this now I am slowly getting it. You know I can be very slow at times even for my own liking, like when a guy says “You know Cinema Nouveau in Rosebank right? Me Yes I do, well I am not too sure what it is that they are trying to do there, seems like some kind of a theme like they show all these great movies there. So next Friday they are showing Great expectations and I will be knocking off early and I thought it would be a great way to unwind what do you think? Me thinks- you want to ask me out, But of cause dating rules have changed he’s not asking me out he’s just saying so my answer would be something like, ‘oh well I am not thinking much, I never finished the book, so maybe it would be nice the see the screen play. Oh Noo did I respond like that for real? Well I am sorry to tell you this but YES you did. And he on the other line says “It’s a date then”

Are you confused? You not alone so am I, maybe I should just follow the masses and ask straight out what this is, No wait remember I don’t have to do that I made new year’s resolutions and I am sticking to them….. Trying to crack the guy code is hard- more on that later, for now though I have books waiting to be studied (whatever English that is.)


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